Calm My Heart…Clear My Mind



This week was overwhelming. I was feeling the stress of work more than usual. I lost quite a bit of sleep. Broke down in tears once or twice. Went home with my fair share of headaches.

As I stared at the ceiling wide-awake on Wednesday, out loud I spoke, “Calm my heart and clear my mind!”

In minutes I was fast asleep.

The next day, on my way to work I started to get anxious and a little overwhelmed with all that I knew I was walking into…the workload, the politics, the stress. As I sat in the parking lot at the office I prayed this simple prayer:

Calm my heart, clear my mind; let me rest in your arms today.

Give me strength, give me courage to fight the good fight.

Forgive me of my sins; the little and the big.

And help me grow closer to You

This week was a good reminder that I’m much better off when I rely on God.


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