About Me

Welcome! My name is Shane Walker.

I’m a dreamer, leader, musician, dog owner, ponderer (not to be confused with wanderer, although I do love to travel), introvert who loves people, conversationalist and avid thinker.

I am painstakingly walking down a narrow path towards that which is being asked of me. I am caught between the birth and death of an earthly life where I strive to follow Christ from the perspective of a child. I live in the contradiction of being imperfect, yet perfectly made…hoping someday I will approach the throne of the King in awe and amazement at the grace I was shown while making continuous, feeble attempts at glorifying my Creator.

I am continually learning more and more of what it means to be me. There are plenty of things I am proud of and even more of the opposite. My journey through life has been grounded in Truth and I hope that the way in which I live life leads to Reality.

This blog is a little place to share my adventure with the world. I hope you enjoy This Thing Called Life.


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